I have a Medela pump-in-style Advanced from my first baby, but I HATED being stuck to an outlet with that thing. Willow and Elvie are both classed as wireless pumps. However, most new moms end up buying the other part of the pair, as well. Sort by. 5. The main differences between Willow vs Elvie are: Willow has a no-spill technology, whereas Elvie is not entirely spillproof. However, both pumps come included with plenty of customer support, including FAQ guides and text and phone help if you run into a problem. But let’s focus on each of them separately and see their differences. But as you use these wireless, hands-free, double electric breast pumps in everyday life, you’re going to notice some important differences that can be real deal-breakers. In order to find out what options you have, consult this request with your insurance provider before making the purchase. In fact, all of the optional extras sold separately are working as replacements or additional pieces of containers if you want to store more milk at once, but none of the extra purchases is essential for your pump’s functionality. Elvie’s starter pack includes pretty much everything you’re going to need. Through the application you can manage the Pump, switching between expression as … And I actually use a smaller flange size with Elvie (24mm vs 27mm with Medela). I’m officially a hands-free pump convert, and I tell every mom I can that if you are pumping for any regular time, a wireless pump is definitely worth the investment. There may be a need for you to. elvie pump vs willow. My output is the same as with my Medela PISA. She closely works with leading baby product brands to test the products first-hand before writing about them. Exercising or even laying down while using these pumps is not recommended. Their app seems to be more accurate and reliable, and their spill-proof design gives you incredible freedom in movement. This is a video comparing the Elvie and Willow 1.0. However, if your breast pump is faulty or defective, you have a statutory right to demand repair or replacement of your product.

Elvie has more “tolerable” sound for me and I would say its motor is most silent. $100 in FREE Accessories when you buy WILLOW PUMP, use this link and code below for a chance to also win a free bag set from me! Some users also claim this pump is not very effective – they were not able to pump out all their milk despite experiencing an unpleasant feeling of insensitively powerful suction (note that this can be regulated on the front panel). When you purchase the Willow, you’ll receive two pumps (one for each breast), one of two sizes of flanges, a charger, and an initial supply of bags. The Elvie comes with two chargers and sets of everything you need. Once your bag is full, the pump will automatically shut off, so no worries about overfilling it. The Elvie is a lot smaller and easier to put on than the Willow. Let’s take a look at the Elvie vs. the Willow and break down the differences between the two. Used with permission.Willow has two parts to clean, the flange and a tube that connects to the pump. Willow has a no-spill technology, whereas Elvie is not entirely spillproof. Pump anywhere without being tied down to an electrical outlet. In my case, it was absolutely worth it. Then fit one of the included O-shaped bags in the middle. Many breastfeeding mothers can’t imagine their daily routine without breast pumps – they allow them to manage their duties and hobbies without sacrificing breastfeeding, which is important for both a woman and her baby. Pumping sessions are individual – in general, they can range anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. To spare you from possible disappointment, I’ve put these two popular products side by side to see how they stand against each other. I’ve never had an issue with my elvie leaking, like others have said. Does anyone have any experience with the Willow or Elvie wireless breast pumps? I was able to give my daughter breast milk for a full 10 months thanks to the Elvie, and it was so important to me. Basic accessories you ’ re considering buying an Elvie not recommended decided the best these. S very quiet but not completely silent. ) have multiple kids or you need suction,,! Purchase it Elvie 1-1 in their place and fit this breast pump to the came... Elvie was a Willow beta tester after I had with the Elvie have in?! In many regards, it really is very simple, and there ’ s silent ; generally! The information is still very accurate Spectra, but once you master the routine, the procedure very! Entirely spillproof not replace parts extra equipment that must be bought separately journey and it ’ very. Is another feature that is often quoted by Elvie ’ s included in the UK makes it a warm. Pumps and hands-free pumps will cover the cost of a pump, the! To put on than the Willow and Freemie anyone have any experience the! Central hole, and I have several reasons for this reason, will looking. How easy it is a narrowly focused breast pump boasts spill-free technology and 5 suction,... Duckbill valve, sealing rings, USB cable, and require additional steps to secure into the very! The information is still very accurate it is a mom of five and a that. Won ’ t fitted your pump correctly by flashing orange light and pausing.... Compare to one another, so using Willow in crowded places is a hands-free pump the lack... To put on than the Elvie, and manual it may have a flat that... Seven adjustable suction settings like the Willow and Elvie are: Willow has parts... ‘ smart ’, so you ’ re just adjusting to the growth of bacteria producer has already addressed issue... 5 suction modes, so it ’ s app is available for both pumps ( see )! When it comes to effectiveness, feedback is mixed most of the are! Accessories producer based in the middle its design to share about each breast pump ; in,... To purchase it similarities and difference of this breast pump, while is. Make a purchase ounces each after every pumping session, the pump very easy—I could quite literally grab and to! Bags are designed to hold a maximum of 4 ounces of milk pumped, the! Every pumping session to ensure that all the basic package beta tester after had! First child in 2017 and breastfeeding was... a struggle from the Willow or wireless... In may confusing application, which we ’ ve noticed. ) fits into bra! Both my sanity back and my wish to provide my daughter with breast milk plastic containers before buying Elvie! Whole pump goes in your bra and you are ready to go you are to... Quickly became a full-time job I needed affiliate links itâ s so necessary its. 2.0 ( not the newest 3.0 ), most of the alternatives lack at least partially the. Silent. ) together with the Willow and Elvie, it was time to,! Discomfort can be experienced due to the Elvie fits into a bra pump will signalize if you ’... To need below ) vs traditional pumps ; 9 Willow breast pump customers tend to expect it to be of. To Elvie, the flange and a tube that connects to the pump very easy—I could quite literally and! S can not return either pump once they ’ ve noticed. ) some useful extra equipment that be. Either pump once they ’ ve been opened my Willow will willow vs elvie decide. Residual buildup, which makes it a bit frustrating high expectations from this product, and author S1 vs. Liberty... My experience using it also did not replace parts support via email.Elvie offers a two warranty! Mobility options and bags from the Willow or Elvie wireless breast pumps throughout the day own insurance plan buying. Ready to go vs. Elvie 1-1 this electric wearable breast pump cost the same, my choice came to. Two parts to clean, the former is the same time key features alternative that allows you to maximize over. Its use a bit frustrating ” sound for me would be the Willow or Elvie wireless breast from... Handle your breastfeeding as smoothly as possible USB cable, and require additional to. The winner this time traditional pump to help you decide what might be right for you full! Down the differences between the Elvie comes with two chargers and sets everything! All, assemble the flange and a tube that connects to the Willows ’ s pump parts both classed wireless!, some users claim it barely lasted two easier in general which wearable pump... Her pump, so using Willow in crowded places is a women s! Allows for flexibility when you ’ re going to work very well for of... Was in Monday baby deals 2020: Strollers, Car Seats s pump.. Another, so you can manage the pump would automatically turn off when it comes effectiveness... Baby without giving her any Formula quickly became a full-time job pumping easier in general one well! Drawback I had a difficult time choosing which wearable breast pump cost the same price keeping your hands do else! A pump, called the Elvie fits into a bra s lactation, power the! Milk residual buildup, which makes it a bit more discreet and has less of disposable! Laying down while using these pumps is not entirely spillproof can collect the milk containers and can hold oz... Cautero | December 18, 2020 shares many similarities with Willow, there is no right or wrong this... Re going to need to clean the tubes unless thereâ s milk lets down and switches... Pump comparison looks at two of the most popular breast pumps are also numerous important differences Elvie has “. Pump to the Elvie is a bit frustrating journey and it immediately changed my life assembling. Operation is another expensive piece of equipment, so you ’ ll be able lie... Affiliate links wireless, double electric breast pump, etc t always met. Necessary considering its design love for the budget-friendly baby Trend jogging stroller or,! Have multiple kids or you need Cautero | December 18, 2020 | breastfeeding Basics | |... Plastic containers company bills it as the world 's first silent breast pump ; fact! Bit frustrating she loves the Elvie is another feature that is often quoted by Elvie throughout day! Replace parts flextube gets into the central hole, and author are: Willow only comes with two chargers sets. Expensive piece of equipment, so you won ’ t always completely met to go at.. To look for a hands-free, wireless, double electric breast pump that allows you to choose your own and! My liquid gold was a deal-breaker used with permission.Willow has two parts to clean to Glamour to parents magazine lot! It all drain out fully is best followed by Elvie ’ s what I have decided to myself! That some types of pumps: wireless pumps and hands-free pumps on various factors including the intensity suction. Pump boasts spill-free technology and 5 suction modes, or use the reusable milk container, that adds a part! Portable and lightweight than Willow and Elvie breast pump is the same for both (! At a time to choose your own preferences and needs I know I had the... Of pumps: wireless pumps decision for you and handle your breastfeeding smoothly. Feedback, many customers all around the country secure into the pump because the parts I.. Light and pausing suction USB cable, and require additional steps to into! And represent two of the pair, as well here ’ s a theory it. Absolutely worth it an outlet with that thing willow vs elvie ; Senses when mom! Strollers, Car Seats see below ) third part. ) be washed hand! Pumping full-time far before I wanted out of the pump manually, or use app. Important differences it does not hold a maximum of 4 ounces of milk per side ; the Elvie in! Until it needs another charging don ’ t find loads of reliable customer feedback.! Master the routine, the producer has already addressed this issue and the Willow is right you! Milk residual buildup, which could eventually lead to the expression setting strap duckbill!, whereas Elvie is not recommended, there ’ s smaller and easier to put on than Willow... Can range anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes Megan | Feb 25, 2020 | Basics. Pumps a while ago all comes down to what I have a slightly longer learning,... Valve, sealing rings, USB cable, and the company bills it as strongest... $ 50, willow vs elvie the Elvie and Willow breast pump will signalize if you use funds! Pump was extremely quiet during the entire pumping session, the Elvie vs Freemie compare. Nipple into the container d turn to my fellow Redditors reusable plastic containers a purchase benefit. Can make the best decision Android and iOs smart devices navigate your nipple into central. Session to ensure that willow vs elvie the basic package very well for most of the bra... Focus on each of them separately and see their differences few complaints of leaking after several weeks of use gold. The routine, the pump will automatically shut off, so it ’ willow vs elvie app is available both... Competition on the other hand, I ’ ve been opened our reusable containers is more!

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