Founded by volunteers in 1971 the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (Access), is a community-focused non-profit organisation that established the AANM in 2005. By 1700, the area had been further explored, and trading posts and missions have been built on the Upper and Lower Peninsulas. Muslim Americans in key presidential swing, Muslim American Lawmakers Mark Historic Firsts Across Several States, Motivated Muslim Voters Could Prove Consequential In Key Swing States, 10 Muslim Americans Explain Why They Support Trump. According to the 2010 US Census, Michigan was the only state in the country to see a population drop over the last decade, which is mostly caused by the sharp decline in the state's auto industry, which has indirectly led to the bankruptcy declaration from the city of Detroit in 2013. Michigan is going to remain a pivotal state in presidential contests moving forward. Add your voice! The state ranks 14th in terms of the percentage of African American residents, according to data from the 2010 Census. In 2000, just over 1 million people in the United States reported “Arab” ancestry in the Census 2000 Supplementary Survey. Gov. Ottawa County along the state's western border posted the highest population increase at 5.99%. Of those not born in the United States, the largest percentage are from Asia. Those figures from 2010 represented a small loss of less than 1% compared to the numbers declared at the 2000 census. Non citizens include legal permanent residents (green card holders), international students, temporary workers, humanitarian migrants, and illegal immigrants. External links. Some economists are hopeful that Michigan can push for new tax incentives to encourage new business in the state, but only time will tell how long it takes Michigan to rebound from what has been a bad decade. People cheer as cars pass by North Michigan Avenue and East Wacker Drive in the Loop to celebrate President-elect Joe Biden's victory, on Nov. 7, 2020 in Chicago. In 2016, Muslim and Arab voters were credited with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)’s primary win over Clinton. Today is National Voter Registration Day! At its peak in 1950, there were 1.85 million people living in the city. The age group where males are most likely to be married is Over 65, while the female age group most likely to be married is 45-54. In 2000, just over 1 million people in the United States reported “Arab” ancestry in the Census 2000 Supplementary Survey. This was ceded to Ohio in 1836, and Michigan was admitted as a State on January 26, 1837 with essentially its present boundaries. The Greater Detroit area hosts a diverse population of Arab Americans. Cities with the Highest Percentage of Arabs in Illinois: Illinois Report: Percentage of Arabs Read more about Scout's Demographic Data Biden beat Trump by roughly 150,000 votes in Michigan, where Hillary Clinton lost by just 11,000 votes in 2016. (Pat Nabong/Chicago Sun-Times via AP) Methodology: Unlike standardly available Census demographics, NeighborhoodScout uses dozens of custom models to transform 8.5 million raw demographic data elements from government sources into proprietary indices and insights…. There are 7,761,390 adults, (1,620,940 of whom are seniors) in Michigan. “Just based on all the efforts, I think we really hit the message home that this election is unlike any other election, and it’s a critical matter of life and death to get out the vote this time and I think the community responded really well,” said Sarah Alaoui, a Ph.D. candidate at John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and a volunteer with Arab Americans for Biden, a grassroots coalition working to elect Biden. Although it is difficult to say for sure, the Arab and Muslim vote in the state appears to have had a significant impact. ... a Michigan … The 1820 and 1830 censuses also included some settlements in present-day Wisconsin, shown under that State. The Arab population in Michigan has proved it can be a political kingmaker. Larger counties in Michigan include Wayne County (over 1,700,000) and Oakland County (over 1,200,000). A substantial group are the Arab Americans, who have congregated in Dearborn, MI. Arab and Muslim communities likely substantially contributed to Democratic presidential nominee, Emgage Action, a Muslim civic advocacy organization that endorsed Biden, said that approximately 81,000 Muslim Americans cast early and absentee votes in the state. 93.26% of Michigan residents were born in the United States, with 76.41% having been born in Michigan. Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.03%. “Muslims showed up for Biden today and we’re going to expect him to show up for us come January,” she said. (The exact number of votes cast by Muslim Americans in Michigan is not yet known.) In that year, Michigan had the second highest Arab American population, with 221,631. Michigan is not only home to a populous and diverse Muslim community, it also has one of the largest mosques in North America, whose congregation can trace its history back 100 years. According to a newer estimate done in 2016, there were 3.3 million Muslims living in the United States, about 1% of the total U.S. population The eldest of 14 children, the former lawyer and community activist was born in Detroit, a diverse city with a sizeable Black, Latino, Muslim and Arab population. Youssef Chouhoud, an assistant professor of political science at Christopher Newport University in Virigina, said both Democrats and Republicans often overlooked Muslim and Arab voters due to their comparatively small population size and historic lack of civic engagement nationwide. In 2019, there were just under 2.1 million people of Arabian ancestry living in the U.S. Read more Dearborn is a city in the State of Michigan.It is located in Wayne County and is part of the Detroit metropolitan area.Dearborn is the eighth largest city in the State of Michigan.As of the 2010 census, it had a population of 98,153 and is home to the largest Muslim population in the United States per capita. The State of Michigan is working around the clock to test and treat COVID-19 patients. … Census Bureau will not adopt Middle East and North Africa category in 2020 survey, ignoring community and its issues ... Michigan-based Arab American organisation, said the … 23° ... Access, and the centre of Arab-American culture in Michigan, but really because Dearborn is the heart of Arab-America,” he says. Monday Dec 14, 2020. The non-English language spoken by the largest group is Spanish, which is spoken by 2.98% of the population. The Michigan County that saw the biggest population decline between 2010 and 2015 is Ontonagon County, recording a 10.94% decrease. The work is also far from over for activists; Al-Hanooti said her job isn’t done. “I only see that growing.”. Figures on the number of Muslims in the United States range widely from 3 to 12 million, many of whom are African American, South Asian American, and Arab American. And while Biden wasn’t the first choice for many Arab and Muslim residents in the Dearborn area, many strongly opposed Trump due to his anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric. By the end of the century, it had started to slow down to the point where, at the last census, the first population decrease in Michigan's history was recorded. 23° ... Access, and the centre of Arab-American culture in Michigan, but really because Dearborn is the heart of Arab-America,” he says. She said Michigan's large Arab population is vulnerable to President Donald Trump's restrictions on travel from certain Muslim-majority countries and his administration's plan to add a question to the 2020 U.S. Census on citizenship status. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan has a fairly large population of people of Scandinavian, especially Finnish, descent, while Western Michigan has a notable presence of Dutch residents, which is the highest concentration of any state. In 1790 the Northwest Territory had no census coverage. More than one-third of residents in Dearborn, a suburb of Detroit, identify as Arab-American or Muslim or both. The development had a clear effect on the population, and in 1830, numbers had swelled to 28,004, which was an increase of over 275% when compared to the 1820 Census figures. The results mirror early polling and initial exit polling that suggested that high turnout from Arab and Muslim segments of the state assisted Biden’s win. Those figures leave Michigan ranking 18th in terms of population density. December 15, 2020 slide deck. 2000 U.S. Census Report on the Arab-American population; Learn more at the Arab American Museum located in Dearborn, Michigan; A full definition of Arab Americans at the Arab American Institute; Us4Arabs - Arab American Social Network Muslim and Arab Voters May Have Secured Biden's Michigan Win. Fenton Michigan Population 2020 2019, Fenton Michigan Population 2019, Fenton Michigan Population 2020, Fenton Michigan Demographics 2020 2019, Fenton Michigan Statistics 2020 2019 In Dearborn, a suburb of Detroit where one-third of residents identify as Arab-American or are of Arab descent, Muslim voters lean decidedly towards … Organizers also said endorsements from Sanders and Wayne County’s own Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) helped galvanized Arab and Muslim voters in the state as well. Nearly 800,000 Muslim Americans voted early or absentee in just 12 states, according to Emgage, which collected the data from voter files in those states. In 1834 the Territory was expanded still further to stretch to the Missouri River, including the rest of Minnesota, Iowa, and the eastern Dakotas. As a bloc, the 3.5 million Arab Americans in the United States are becoming an important economic and electoral minority. In civilian labor force, total, percent of population age 16 years+, 2015-2019: 61.5%: In civilian labor force, female, percent of population age 16 years+, 2015-2019: 57.1%: Total accommodation and food services sales, 2012 ($1,000) 17,962,356: Total health care and … The largest concentrations of Arab Americans are in some of the most contested electoral battlegrounds of the 1990s and the 2000s — Michigan… This reflects a less than 1% increase in population since the 2010 Census, which puts Michigan in 45th place in terms of population growth. When evaluating Michigan's population by county, the state as a whole saw a balance of increases and decreases in population from 2010 to 2015. Gov. She said her organization had been working every day since August to register a record number of Muslims as part of their nationwide Million Muslim Votes campaign, and added that Biden’s victory in Michigan could not have happened without the Muslim and Arab vote. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, said that roughly 1 million American Muslims voted in the election. “It is to the benefit of the Democratic Party to nurture that support and not simply take it for granted. View a live presentation of the Nov. 18 data. So we still have so much work to do.”. Muslim And Arab Voters In Michigan Swing Election Towards Joe Biden. Getting out the vote was just the first step to ensure that Arabs and Muslims’ concerns are addressed outside of campaign season. Arab Population by Ancestry for the United States, Regions, States, and for Puerto Rico: 1990 and 2000. The land is fairly densely packed, although not exceptionally so -- for every square mile of Michigan territory, there is an average of 174 people (67.1 per square kilometer). Arab Americans in Michigan constitute one of the largest Arab American populations in the U.S. Michigan Territory was established in 1805, but nearly all the Upper Peninsula remained in Indiana or Illinois Territories.

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