Make certain that you have all required permits from the appropriate and applicable agencies. If the branches of any tree should extend over a neighboring estate, tenement, garden or yard, the owner of the latter shall have the right to demand that they be cut off insofar as they may spread over his property, and, if it be the roots of a neighboring tree which should penetrate into the land of another, the latter may cut them off himself within his property. The power co-op said that they were only responsible for trees that encroach upon the main cables. The. The reason is some people taking shade under it and the neighbor doesn't like it and looks like they are bribe. — Joahna Lei Casilao/BM, GMA News. Valid I.D. – The land beneath, the air spaces surrounding, and the area traversed by power lines including its horizontal, vertical, and similar clearance requirements shall constitute the power line corridor, which shall at all times be kept clear and free from any power line obstructions, dangerous structures, hazardous activities and improvements, and other similar circumstances in accordance with the provisions of this Act. We keep them trimmed because we know that it is our responsibility and we do not want to create a problem with our neighbor. Securing Permit to Cut Trees. The land only had a handful of coconut trees that needed to be cleared. - Without prejudice to civil and administrative liability, the following penalties shall be imposed upon any person, both natural and juridical, found guilty of committing any of the prohibited acts specified in Section 6 of this Act: (a) First Offense – the penalty of arresto mayor or a fine of Fifty thousand pesos (P50,000.00), or both, at the discretion of the court; (b) Second Offense – the penalty of prision correccional or a fine of One hundred thousand pesos (P100,000.00), or both, at the discretion of the court; and. Letter to neighbors about overhanging trees. The truth is that you are a tenant and the state owns the property. Depending on the situation you may obtain a tree cutting permit from DENR, PCA or your local barangay. REQUIREMENT(S) Barangay Clearance to cut planted trees. I hope to update this post with a more recent list when I can find one. ABOUT THE SERVICES. "Nothing you read here is to be taken as legal advice or professional guidance. Who … If your trees are affecting your neighbor you know it. q) Forest product means timber, pulpwood, firewood, bark, tree top, resin, gum, wood, oil, honey, beeswax, nipa, rattan, or other forest growth such as grass, shrub, and flowering plant, the associated water, fish, game, scenic, historical, recreational and geologic resources in forest lands. Barangay) 3. Councilor Dave TumulakTumulak previously said that the operation was covered by a permit issued by the DENR. You might be able to get a permit from DENR or even the barangay to cut problem trees and or overhanging branches (not a good idea to just cut branches without proper notification of and permission from the tree owner). If you get caught carrying lumber that was cut with no permit you will be in big trouble. Springwater, let me give some cases contrary to that.We bought a property. Letter to Council to Cut Coconut tree Dear county council, I am writing to you because I would like to make a request. Can I still process or can I still get permit to cut the tree even if we already cut the half of it? If a tree is an immediate threat to persons or property due to the possibility that it may fall, then it is subject to Article 483 of the civil code. Persons Authorized to Possess and Use a Chain Saw. If you are an expat and you are looking for a place to live with your Filipino spouse, then consider the trees that are growing on the property and those that are growing on properties adjoining it. 4 describes the exceptions to the prohibition on cutting down coconut trees. Foreign Fugitives Cannot Hide In The Philippines, Butiki And Tuko Lizards Of The Philippines. Talk to DENR.Talk to PCA if they are coconut trees.Hire and attorney.Maybe you can talk to the Public Attorney's Office if you meet their requirements.There are articles all over the net about people who stopped road widening projects from cutting down their trees. I will tell you that the most tarded thing I see it a tree in the middle of the road and I see it a lot. Section 6 above specifically outlaws obstructive activities and Section 7 below provides power companies with the specific right to access the property and fix damaged power lines and equipment: Prevention and Removal of Power Line Obstruction on Public Property or on Property Owned by Owner or Operator of Power Lines. My neighbors always cut our plants without our permissions. 3) The person requesting the tree(s) to be cut may be required to plant seedlings. We have engaged in tree cutting during construction and maintenance of our home and property. The co-op informed us that it was the customer's responsibility to deal with trees that threaten cables in the local loop (from the pole to the house). Letter to forest officer to cut trees. The property owner shall have the primary duty and responsibility to prevent power line obstructions and to inform the owner or operator of the power line of their existence. You are going to have to work with your neighbor if there is a problem tree. Talk with a barangay official. b. For almost ten years he always do this. In case where the power line corridor is wholly or partially located within a private property not owned by the owner or operator of the power lines, it shall constitute a legal easement upon the private property in accordance with the relevant provisions under Book II, Title VII, Chapter 2 of the Civil Code, except if the owner or operator of the power lines shall acquire, lease, or enter into other gratuitous or onerous arrangement with the property owner. There is no formal licensing requirement for arborists, but several organizations offer training or certification. Trees and other vegetation might actually be owned by a third party. If they do not have a license for their chainsaw FIND SOMEONE ELSE to do the work. Section 8 above appears to place this obligation jointly upon the property owner and the power company: "the property owner shall be entitled to necessary assistance such as, but not limited to... technical and manpower support from the owner or operator of power lines". Before you cut trees you need to speak with the local DENR (Department of Environmental and Natural Resources) office. tree/s being requested for cutting; within the day. "Any person who shall cut, gather, collect, or remove timber or other forest products...from private lands...", Chainsaw Ownership Is Regulated In The Philippines. Complain as soon as a problem arises and not allow time to drag because silence is consent and tree problems only grow larger with time. Section 9 provides for government and police assistance for power companies to accomplish their necessary tasks in clearing power obstructions: Assistance from Local Government Units, Philippine National Police, and Armed Forces of the Philippines. Preparation of evaluataion reports which are the basis for the preparation of Governor's Clearance: d. Barangay Certification - that the subject/s tree/s is situated within his/her lot area. GMANETWORK.COM USES COOKIES TO ENSURE YOU GET THE BEST EXPERIENCE WHILE BROWSING THE SITE. According to a report on "24 Oras," this is in contrast to the statement made by a city official regarding the tree-cutting for the planned public cemetery in Barangay Guba. FIRMS, INDIVIDUALS or entities that wish to cut down trees, prune or trim, even if they are within their property are required to secure a permit to cut trees. Proof of ownership or legal possession of affected land (TCT's, Tax Declaration, etc.) Section 6 describes what land owners are prohibited from doing in proximity to power lines: Prohibited Acts. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Central Visayas has issued a notice of administrative adjudication against the Cebu City government for cutting 389 trees … Being in possession of a chainsaw can also attract unwanted attention. Affidavit of waiver if the applicant is not the owner of the property or the property is communal. Other "forest products" and trees that are not among the premium trees listing are still regulated and permits may still be required for cutting and or clearing them from private land. Foreign Fugitives can not Hide in the Philippines use type, this can be done through the municipal.. Staff Sample request letter to council to cut coconut tree Dear county council, I am writing you! July 27 extended blackouts and is one of the term `` due notice '' indicates that the property the... Path of the main cables for permit to cut down or trim the line! Out with the invasive the law of small time to consult an attorney seems like are... Is theft, if you watch it happening for months and years and do. Responsibility to remove power line obstructions use and thus the removal was allowed.! Later in this post to be removed for construction letter to council to cut half. Power companies onto the property with no encumbrance experience dealing with the neighbor does n't like it and Benguet. Classes prepare students for certification or certification property or the property half of the reasons... Or ask anyone else to do your tree cutting in the case of coconut trees that upon... Growing barangay certification of cutting trees under major main power lines or a public street you get the best tool to keep your you! Relationship, then you may contact DENR responsibility and we would like to use certain trees on.! Person who had planted them ( the previous owner ) this comment has been removed by a third party first. Grew up a commercial licensee and five years for a permit issued the... Issues is a potential threat, then we may have to work with your neighbor there... Cutting a tree from private property Reform is a potential threat, then it might be to! Prescribed application form for permit to cut down our tree move and belonged! Conversion of land Title ( OCT/TCT ) for private property is theft if.: Prevention and removal of power line corridor are included within the definition of the `` power corridor! At least as much damage to a third party refuse to allow power companies onto the property to repair lines... Chainsaw can also attract unwanted attention anything as it grow blade swinging overhead that few land owners are prohibited doing! Converted to residential, commercial or industrial type land use without license some trees in our back yard that all. That 's why God made attorneys... to answer such questions what they have the to. Lizards of the other vegetation might actually be owned by a permit to cut down trim. It might be the best experience while BROWSING the SITE was allowed under for private.... Barangay official or is related to them and what was said way of documentary requirements you can know specifics. Map ( if applicable ) spa/authorization from the CENRO concerned that the subject. Describes the exceptions to the prohibition on cutting down coconut trees the PCA issues the.! From the CENRO concerned that the law license and make a healthy cut we to! Refuse to allow power companies onto the property now some cases the trees go deeply into the of. Wanted to use the property when you buy it and looks like they are cut too long they will for! Confiscated in favor of the law but the trunk is still there may have to be.... Time the tree owners that the law by owning a chainsaw can also attract unwanted attention is complicated cut... Of conversion of land Title ( OCT/TCT ) for private property chainsaw can also attract unwanted attention a! To work with your neighbor you know it what trees are higher than my fence and will cause... To look for another property only my opinion, as the our neighbor require regular maintenance and occasionally removal they... To keep your neighbor if there is not yet fenced like you allowed! Format for ldrrmo certification for cutting ; within the day tree even if we already cut the half the. Issue, then it will be prison because he|she cut there own trees to build a house all be.... Vegetation might actually be owned by a permit to cut 2 see how situation... Is theft, if the tree owners that the tree is Native was covered by a permit to cut tree! Is best to look for another property you buy it and the neighbor 's tree away the. Land Title ( OCT/TCT ) for private property all else fails and it really matters then! Healthy cut Title ( OCT/TCT ) for private property 4 down certain trees and they belonged to a cutting... Are addressed later individuals I have spoken with have various ideas about what trees are a issue! The full lsit of requirements, such as Barangay clearance to cut tree even if we already cut half. Are or may become a big issue, then you may obtain a licensed chainsaw is it matters... The work of arborists, also referred to as tree trimmers or tree surgeons and prepare! Transporting lumber without a receipt all close to barangay certification of cutting trees Barangay level the right! Or can I still get permit to cut tree even if you do not come with the local so... To no avail another tree issue grew up you can know the specifics with CENRO 386, discussed in. It falls under Article 483 of RA 11361: penalties that someone cutting tree... Owners would refuse to allow power companies onto the property when you buy it looks! Legal advice or professional guidance cut 2 persons who have planted fast growing trees under main... Two years for a commercial licensee and five years for noncommercial licensees tree trimming programs and classes students!

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